Happy Thanksgiving

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We hope that everyone had a good week off to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends.  We’d like to give special THANKS to those who GIVE back to the community.  On Sunday Troop 200 came together to help clean up and beautify Our Savior’s Lutheran Church.  Many hands made light work of the massive piles of wood chips, plant removal and replanting.

Quincy P, Max S, Kyle O, Sam R, Carter Gouaux, Declan T, Jack R,  Edwin K, Wilhelm K, Jeanette L, CJ L, Jennifer Bauer, Mr. Melfi, Mrs. Schopp, Mr. Okazaki, Mr. Gouaux, ASM Tsuyuki, Mr. Reid, Mr. Karlsson, ASM Weyland, ASM Mr. Bauer, ASM Mrs. Bauer