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Redwood Regional marks the first hike of 2021. It was a fresh morning with sloshy paths and drips of overnight rain, mixed with a spring and a bounce in every step. Cheerful smiles radiated from Scouts Elise, Nia, Jeanette, and Claire and adults Kevin F (Elise’s father), ASM Russell S and Valarie S (Claire’s parents), ASM Paul S, and SM Ho (Nia’s mother). A strong and sturdy 5.5 miles packed at a brisk pace was laced with ladybugs of color only distinguishable by the climate (see picture). The scent of the Bay Laurel and Redwoods were refreshing to the mind and body, and like the way, Kevin said, “I am here to get some forest fresh air.” Look forward to having you join the next of many hikes in 2021.