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Yesterday, Thursday, was an eventful day.  We experienced a hail storm coupled with torrential rain in camp.  It was pretty incredible considering the season of the year.  Scouts all made it to program areas with roofs.  Your scribe was huddled in the Handicraft area with scouts and scouters watching and videotaping the event.  It was quite exciting.  The staff played Rick Ashley and Annie Lennox which meant yours truly ended up dancing with scouts and staff.  When the rain subsided and we all went to check on our campsites, staff “evacuated” us to different larger program areas and the dining hall.  We all got to experience how efficient and quick responding staff was in the event of an emergency.  When the “all clear” came through, everyone returned to the main area where we held the camp flag ceremony.  SMs were tasked with accounting for their scouts.  SM  Nishimori was able to check everyone off .  When we returned to check our campsite, most tents held up but a couple placed in low lying areas got wet.  No problemo.  Josh Edmon-M offered his slack line to hang stuff while SM Nishimori gathered everyone around our campsite circle to discuss why ten essentials were essential and why tent site choice mattered.  All in, this turned out to be an incredible learning moment.  Your scribe is now thankful her beloved husband convinced her to invest in a costly Big Agnes tent.  Apparently, she is  an idiot when it comes to picking a site.

Last night, we had our campfire at camp with Troop 14 as our guests.  We were given permission by the council to have a small fire because the rain wet everything else.  There were songs from SMs Nishimori and Weyland and SPL Monica W and Claire S.  There were jokes from several new scouts (I call them dad jokes) all in clean fun.  The evening ended with everyone standing in a circle singing Scout Vespers.

Wolfeboro is magical for many reasons.  In part, it is because of the close relationships between scouts and staff.  Many return each year to reconnect in this beautiful sliver of the world.  This year we are inducting three scouts and two adults to the Pioneers.  This is Wolfeboro’s Honor Society .   Many Pioneers return year after year to help maintain the camp and prepare for the summer.

That is all for now.  We return tomorrow and we will confirm times later today.   Signing off.

Your scribe,
Caroline Tsuyuki