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What a wild weekend!  Our group of intrepid adventurers set out to conquer the south fork of the American River.  There was no shortage ear to ear grins from Class II and Class III rapids and there’s heavy debate about whether Satan’s Cesspool, Hospital Bar or Recovery Room was the best set of rapids we charged through.  Special thanks to expedition leader Captain “Seadog” Toribio.

SCOUTS:  Henry Y, Will T, Noah H, Makoto K, Tristan M, Matthew Y, Kaito K, Stanley T, Logan T, Brenden T, Mila N, Theo M, Christopher R, Joseph S, Kiran O, CJ L, Emiko K

ADULTS:  ASM Anthony Toribio, SM Dan Nishimori, Dave Henry, Fionna Kuniyoshi, James Yin, Michael Tsung, Lucien Mihailescu, Ketya Ouk.