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What an amazing weekend!  Over 200 scouts and 34 patrols participated in this years Camporee.  Bort Meadows was packed to the gills with scouts competing in friendly competition and honing their scout skills.  Events included log lift, firebuilding, orienteering, flag etiquette, first aid, knots, nature and the ever popular obstacle course.


Special thanks to SPL Henry Yin who’s represented Troop 200 in planning the event since February.


STAFF:  Henry Y, Christopher V, Kyle O

SCOUTS:  Carter G, Theo M, Christopher M, Oscar S, Colin G, Calder Z, Noah H, Max M, Matthew Y, Sean H, Kieran G

ADULTS:  SM Nishimori, Matt Gouaux, Kelly Swantner

TRAIL BOSS: SM-E Shimotake