CAMPOREE (4/15/23)

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Camporee 2023 was a huge success this year.  Troop 200 was this year’s event host and our senior patrol lead by Henry knocked this one out of the park!  Perfect spring conditions for putting our scouts’ skills to the test.  Logs were lifted! Flag knowledge was put to the test.  Full mastery of the obstacle course!  Quite possibly the most intense tug-o-ware ever witnessed!  We even got a full patrol of our new scouts to sink their teeth into the events!


STAFF:  Henry Y (Camporee SPL), Nia H, Edwin K, Luca N, Koen P, Will T, Brenden T, Christopher V


PARTICIPANTS:  Carter C, Jayden D, Jonathan D, Kenzo D, Zander F, Kieran G, Clark G, Sean H, Tristan H, Nate J, Wilhelm K, William K, Emiko K, Kaito K, Makoto K, Ethan L, Mason L, Clark L, Bryce L, Theo M, JJ S, Marshal S, Logan T


ADULTS:  SM Nishimori, ASM-E Weyland, ASM Tuey, ASM Pretzlaf, ASM Gregory, Lilian Fu, Scott Swantner, Scott Lane