Troop 200 actively encourages Scouts (and their families) to regularly “get out and enjoy” the many hiking trails nearby through the Troop’s Hiking Program. Each month, the Troop offers a day hike(s) opportunity. As an incentive to participate in many of these hikes, the Troop utilizes the two Hiking Patch Program of the Golden Gate Area Council: the Rim Rover and the Highlander patch programs. For the first program hike, the Scouts earn the large center patch and the corresponding rocker patch. Then for any future program hike, the Scout will receive the corresponding rocker.

The Troop also organizes hikes (and backpack treks) so the Scout can earn the Historic Trails Award and the 50-miler Award.

By tracking the miles hiked, Scouts can also attain higher levels of the Outdoor Activity Award.

The following are the links of some hikes by Troop 200: (will open as PDF)


See you on the trail!


These are the patches that will be earned when participating in these hikes.