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April 3-9, 2022

Ahoy there!!!  Forget about spring break at Daytona Beach and Ft. Lauderdale.  Florida Sea Base is where it’s at.  Our Troop 200 adventure crew had an amazing week and we wanted to share some eye candy for y’all.




Sittin on the dock of the bay………..Our home for the week……….

Pre-Dive check

Diving at the worlds 3rd largest barrier reef.

All eyes on the divemaster in green.

I’d like to be…… under the sea…….in an octopuses garden…….. in the shade………

Exploring the remains of the SS Benwood.

A rare sighting!!! Two Eastern Atlantic Black Fin Weylandfish….

What you lookin’ at Willis????

When a camera man meets a camera man comin’ thro’ the rye…

School’s in session….

The pool is now closed.  Please exit on the tag line

Sunset over the Gulf of Mexico

Underwater aliens or epic night dive?

Scouts:  Brenden T, Jack B, JJ S, John R, Luca N, Mason L & Owen T

Guest Scout:  Tyler F

Adults:  SM-E Weyland, SM Nishimori, ASM Rusk, Warren Lane & Kai Weyland