SNOW CAMPING – February 13, 2022

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It was just like being on planet Hoth………just without the wampa, ton-ton’s and imperial droids.  Actually it was quite nice.  Beautiful bluebird days and a nice easy snowshoe trip to our campground alongside Silver Lake.  Scouts had a chance to hike out onto the frozen lake and a few intrepid adventurers built and slept in snow shelters.  A roaring campfire, S-mores, cobbler and crystal clear views of the winter night sky rounded out the day.  Special thanks to our fearless expedition leader Sir Robert Raffel.  (OK, he’s not really a knight but we’re trying to talk the queen into it…….)

SCOUTS: Koen P, Clark G, Christopher R, Jack R, Johnathan D, Kyle O, Andrew V, Theo M, Max S

ADULTS:  ASM Raffel, ASM Pretzlaf, SM Nishimori, SM-E Weyland, ASM Dauffy, Dave Melfi, Will Gregory, Ted Okazaki, Anna Reid